Stone Walling, Repointing & Repair

We are experts in stone walling, who work with the local stone and we apply traditional methods of work with lime mortars for brickwork, stone walling, lime repointing and rebuilding.
The hydraulic lime mortar we use is particularly useful in the repair of old buildings. It is porous and flexible and allows the building fabric to move and breathe. It can also be used in new build projects. While other building companies still use cement mortars, we have gained valuable experience with lime mortar and its applications.

  • Dry Stone Walling
  • Mortared Stone Walling
  • Garden Stone Walling
  • Retaining Walls
  • Raised Stonework
  • Slate Walling
  • All aspects of pointing
  • Gabions

We are able to give you a full range of dry stone walling services, working with semi dressed and dressed stone we are able to carry out all types of work.

Our mortared walling is a first class service which again offers a full range of stone ,which can be finished in many different styles

Retaining Walls, we have carried out many different applications, whether they are concrete backed or Gabions ,large or small, we can also work with an engineer if required giving you a strong and long lasting solution.

Garden Walling, using stone in your garden can help to make it unique and individual to you.
We can design and construct all types of walling for all size of garden.
Slate Walling, as a feature, slate walling can look effective wherever it is built .Whether it is used dry ,semi dressed or dressed or mortared its look is priceless.

Cladding & Pointing, it is becoming more and more popular to have the front of older stone properties repointed ,this is for visual effect and to help alleviate damp problems, this can be done on all types of stone from random to dressed stone and can transform your home.

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