Plasterboard & Studwork

As a local Llanelli building contractor, specialising in all types of interior and exterior refurbishment work, We have extensive experience in installing plasterboard and studwork to form interior partition walls and to create wall linings for extensions and loft conversions in residential properties.

Typically plasterboard and studwork is used for non-load bearing walls, or perhaps to cover exterior wall surfaces in modern buildings, conversions or extensions. Nowadays it is more commonly used because it provides a quicker, easier and more cost effective solution than using bricks or blocks.

We able to provide a comprehensive plasterboard installation including all aspects of studwork, with a top coat of plaster skimmed over to give a smooth finish to your walls which is ideal for decorating


Partition walls are a modern and practical way to create separation between internal spaces, to split a room or to add internal features and facilities like an ensuite, utility room or storage space to your home.

First of all we create and install the studwork, then a layer of plasterboard is applied and finally a top coat is applied to skim over the surface and create a smooth level finish ready for painting and decorating.


If you are extending your home you will need to have your interior walls covered in readiness for decorating. We are able to plasterboard over the inside surface of exterior walls to give a smooth consistent finish.

We can also incorporate the construction of partition walls using studwork and plaster boarding in order to create new spaces for internal features such as utility rooms, cloakrooms, toilets, ensuites and recessed storage cupboards.

We can also insulate walls for sound and heat then cover with plasterboard and skim.


We add the finishing surfaces to construction work in newly converted loft extensions.

We usually install plasterboard and studwork to cover RSJ’s, joists, roof lining, insulation and other fittings, as well as to construct separate spaces for features such as ensuite bathrooms, showers, fitted storage areas and wardrobes.

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