Structural Alterations

G k builders employ technically experienced professionals to carry out structural work. Whether it is removing a load bearing wall or underpinning, we are qualified and insured to undertake the works.

Underpinning is a reconstructive process of building work that effects the foundations to a building by increasing their size or depth. The material around and beneath the foundation is removed and then replaced with new structurally stable material, usually concrete, this work is completed in stages.

Underpinning is carried out paying close attention to the current design of the building and safety precautions. Some of the reasons for underpinning a building are that the existing foundations of a property have sunk, this can happen due to poor soil conditions.

If you find yourself needing to underpin an existing foundation, you will need to contact your local authority building regulations department. You will also need to get a set of designs produced by a structural engineer, indicating the process to be carried out during the re-construction of the foundations.

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